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Huw Stephens - "It's one of the catchiest tunes we've heard yet on OneMusic and it's courtesy of Skitchy aka drum 'n' bass / electronica ace James Martin who engineers, produces and records everything himself."

Rob Da Bank - "Cut up vocals and a bassline that rumbles deep from the speakers. Taken from a whole album of quality!"

Aesthetica Magazine - "Skitchy aka James Martin hails from Cornwall and is the epitome of self-taught ingenuity. Having found some free software on the cover of a magazine at the age of 14, he began to produce his own music and has since been making waves in the music industry with his diverse but distinctive electronic tracks. Branching out from music into computer games and animation – again, all self-taught- he has produced an animated music video for the track Lethargy My Friend, which has been played on MTV in the UK and Europe and got a Top Ten slot in Video-C. The animation complements the music perfectly, with the characters in it playing with and drawing attention to the rock-solid industrial beats. It’s a humorous, professional and unusual music video, with a real sense of narrative and the graphics are excellent. It’s quirky, intriguing and hard to believe that this started as just a hobby!"

Subba Cultcha - "With the robotic vocals of Cameo on a downer, the squelching beats of Aphex Twin if he decided to go all Pharrell on yo’ ass and some intriguing melody idea’s, Skitchy makes millennial pop for the uber headf**k generation, and we loves it!"

Rockfeedback - "Eclectic-genius-cum-borderline-insanity of Skitchy, the musical persona of one James Hore-Martin. His prolificacy is flabbergasting – he wrote, performed and produced everything on this twenty (twenty!) track album, whilst also finding time to painstakingly create a couple of genuinely awesome CGI videos for the first two songs, which are provided on a handy accompanying DVD.
Skittering drum n’ bass, super-treated guitar crunch, flamboyant rap-rock vocal style and armfuls of squelches, bleeps and samples.
‘Lethargy My Friend’ is the standout, a brassy death-march punctuated by resonating sub-bass and unexpectedly sweet harmonies, and there are ample aural rewards throughout.
On the whole, this is a remarkable document of one Cornish man’s impressively singular musical vision, and well worth seeking out"

RecordScout - "This album may just get played in full, and then repeated several times. Kick off with a ‘big beat’ and you can’t go wrong. Nice Scratching, nice vocals, wicked production. OK Skitchy – you have won our vote. We want to hear more and we have a 19 track album."

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